Squadron Capital seeks to acquire and invest in operating companies located both in the US and abroad.

We are not a typical private equity or venture firm, but a private investment vehicle funded by a Chicago-based trust and led from our headquarters near Hartford, Connecticut.  Our firm is well capitalized and our resources allow us to move quickly through our diligence process or respond appropriately to emerging opportunities.  We believe our resources and flexibility combined with our history of being fair and reasonable in all our activities makes us an attractive and unique acquirer or financing partner.   

Our mission is long-term investment (multi-generational) and assistance to our portfolio companies’ leadership teams in the execution of their business plans.  Squadron’s governance/oversight structure is decentralized and offers a unique opportunity for a company’s leadership team to grow and lead “their” company.  We expect that our portfolio companies strive to be employers of choice and philanthropically active within their respective communities and industries.

Squadron’s business operations are currently focused in 3 areas of interest:


Acquisitions of Operating Companies

With revenues of up to $100M.


Providing Debt or Equity Financing

Of up to $150M.


Investing with our Private Equity Partners

At Brooke Private Equity Advisors.